ULTHERAPY is a skin tightening treatment without surgery. Thanks to the proven ultrasound technology, ULTHERAPY generates a thermal effect under the skin that triggers the process of collagen production by your own body.

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General information

What distinguishes this treatment from other firming treatments is that it is personalized. During the treatment your therapist sees on a screen the layers of tissue to be treated and the required energy is delivered to the desired depth and temperature. This ensures that the energy is delivered to the areas that are most advantageous for you.

Body area treated:

Face, neck, chest

Procedure length:

30 - 90 Minutes

Recovery time:


Visible results:

After 2-3 months

Number of sessions:


For more details discuss with the doctor, not all effects and complications are listed

Advantages and Benefits

  • The treatment is based on an ultrasound technique. Ultrasound energy has been used in medicine for over 50 years
  • There is no downtime and the result is natural in appearance
  • The safety profile is well established


  • Some more sensitive people require taking tylenol to avoid pain
  • The treatment can last 90 minutes depending on the surface to be treated
  • You have to wait 2 - 3 months for the result since it is your body that produces collagen, and this is not predictable

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